4 Really Big Small Space Interior Design Mistakes

While there certainly is a big scope for interior design in a small space, the smallness of the space means that design faults that you think are small could turn out to be major mistakes, says Imagine Interiors, a leading interior design company from Bangladesh.

In our experience as a leading Bangladeshi interior design company, we have met a large number of people with an erroneous idea – that living in a small space means you have little chance of giving it a touch of your personality, that is, interior design.

That is not true. There is extensive scope for interior design and personalization in a small space.


You will have to plan your design extensively and avoid mistakes. And to help you do that, we have decided to list out the 9 really big small space interior design mistakes.

1. Thinking that just because it’s a small space, it doesn’t need or deserve any interior design

That is simply not true.

In the words of a famous architect, ‘Less is more’.

A small space offers extensive design scope.

In fact, since it’s a small space and everything inside it will be scaled up in importance compared to a mid-sized room or a room in a mansion, you need to really sharpen up your interior design instincts and get innovative and creative in your interior design.

2. Not planning ahead

There are two features of small space design that you need to keep in mind

· It being a small space, everything will become more prominent (like I just said)

· Design issues you did not think important would become glaring

So, you need to plan the entire design before doing anything.

You can’t make it up as you go along.

I would suggest clearing up your small space entirely so it becomes bare, and then plan on

· What stuff you’re going to keep in it

· Where you’re going to place it

· The colour scheme

In that order.

Draw up a sketch of the room to help you plan. It doesn’t have to be a good sketch but it should be realistic, especially with regard to the relative size of things.

The MagicPlan app can help you with the sketch if you think you need help.

3. Cluttering up the place

Due to the smallness of the space, clutter will look ten times worse as it would in a mid-sized room.

And when I say clutter, I don’t mean things you may have left in a heap. Even if you add too many things, like too many paintings or even a large storage cabinet, that becomes clutter in a small space, irrespective of how neatly you think you have arranged them.

Limit yourself to a few moderately sized pieces of furniture placed according to your floor plan.

4. Forgetting that it’s not a storage room

It’s tempting to go overboard with storage and just create storage space everywhere.

Now, if you do really have a lot of stuff and nowhere to keep it, by all means, go ahead and get as much in-built storage space as you can.

However, from an interior design point of view, that is a mistake.

Especially avoid keeping too many boxes and baskets – while they will hold other things, they will themselves start to become clutter.

To sum up,

A small space offers a lot of scope for design but you need to avoid design mistakes since even small mistakes will blow up in a small room.

The 4 really big small space interior design mistakes you need to avoid are

· Thinking that a small space does not have any scope for interior design

· Not planning your small space design in advance

· Cluttering up the space

· Turning it into a storage space

You can further discuss these ideas with an interior designer. Any full service designer should be able to help you with design ideas for small spaces, including what to avoid doing.

Good luck!